About Company

Georgian natural,
fresh, products

Modern farm complex
in Bolnisi

20,000 livestock
of breeding pigs


ABD Georgia - the largest pig-breeding complex in the Caucasus.

Founded in 2013, the pig-breeding complex is located in an ecologically clean area of Bolnisi, village Akaurta. The activity of the complex is unique by its high level of organizing the production and technology of animal breading in the territory of Georgia. The ABD Georgia is the part of the Ukrainian Agrarian Holding ASD (Ukraine), who holds a leading position in the market in production of animal feed.

The ADB Georgia combines the Pig Farm, Slaughterhouse, and the Meat Processing Plant.

ABD Georgia Pig Farm is designed to meet the European standards. Breeding work is organized jointly with the Danish company – ‘Breeders’. Nursing and fattening the piglets is carried out in accordance with the sanitary standards and monitored by veterinarians on the site. Fresh and chilled meat is manufactured under the TM of  ‘Meat Land’, and distributed to the leading retail chains, markets and restaurants of the country. Slaughterhouse is characterized by its high technological effectiveness, and is one of the cleanest in Georgia. Using fresh meat from its own pig-breeding farm, allows the ADB Georgia to guarantee the best quality and freshness. Meat Processing Plant produces sausages and delicacies under the TM of ‘Delicia’ by using chilled pork, and German equipment ‘Fessmann’. The products are smoked by using the smoke from a burning of real woodchips, and therefore have a spicy aroma and exceptional taste.

Continuous integration of enterprises within the ABD Georgia complex allows maintaining the high standards of production, finding new customers, and expand the product range.


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